Summer is over! What about the plans for the Autumn 2019?

VADERMANIAX!!! Here is a bunch of informations about the upcoming tours and shows. In just few days we start 17-dates tour “Message to the North” (with our Friends from HATE and THY DISEASE ) in Baltic Countries , Scandinavia plus two shows in East part of Germany.

Right after that we play four big shows in Poland (with  KAT, ACID DRINKERS and QUO VADIS) named “Legends of Metal”. All bands taking part in this project were very significant in creation of polish Metal scene in late 80’s and early 90’s.

In October we head back to the East visiting Ukraine , Moldova , Georgia or Turkey with “The Messenger Arises” tour. In some of the countries  – like Kazakhstan, Armenia or Kyrgyzstan – we will play for the first time ever. We will end this trip with three shows in Austria and Germany.

In November 1st we fly to Sweden to play VADERs very last festival in 2019 at “Metal Fest” in Jönköping with TRIBULATION, CANCER and more…



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