GRAND DECEIVER…is coming \m/

Premiere of  VADERs new song GRAND DECEIVER from the upcoming EP “Thy Messenger”  TOMORROW ! You will also see new lyric-video clip created by Chriss Huszar and Nuclear Blast and a handful of new information from Grindstone Studio in Suffolk…

„We are so excited to give You new Vader song from our fresh record ! „GRAND DECEIVER” is the opening track on „Thy Messenger” EP and perfect explanation of what You all may expect with the upcoming releases. Sharp as razor and brutal as Hell track is just an appetizer before the new Vader album to come . Chriss and Nuclear Blast released this brilliant lyric-video clip , which You can watch while waiting for „Thy Messenger”. Sit comfortably, play it LOUD and…ENJOY !!!”


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