A message from the grindery Pt.1

“We arrived to the beautiful Brockford Railway Siding late Sunday evening on April 7th, after James  picked me up in Heathrow Terminal and drove to Suffolk for next three hours. Our really old school “Carriage 1” was ready to be our home for the next week. Soon after James’s Father joined us with another car filled literally up to the roof with drums and hardware. We were ready for next morning….but first for a proper sleep tho. On Monday morning we drove to “GRINDSTONE” studio situated about one klick from our “Station”. There we met Scott Attkins – the producer of new upcoming Vader album! Scott was working with many Metal oriented bands already (e.g  Cradle of Filth, Sylosis , Gama Bomb, Amon Amarth or…Divine Chaos). Studio has pretty chamber character and “home feeling”. Reminds me a bit Sunlight Studio ,  where we were recording “The Ultimate Incantation”  27 years ago. The whole day One was setting up drum kit , microphones , skins and checking all channels or calibrating “the death machine”. There was also time to chat with Scott and plan work for next days to come.  Really boring but so important day indeed. James has ambitious plan to record tracks for  three songs each day. Hm…What can I say?  He’s a Beast indeed 😉 ”

Peter (Brockford Station; Carriage One; April 2019)

Here is a link to the Grindstone Studio site: https://www.grindstonerecording.com/#home-section

James uses to record new album: TAMA drums: https://www.tama.com/eu/ , MEINL Cymbals: https://meinlcymbals.com , Los Cabos drumsticks: https://www.loscabosdrumsticks.com and DL cables: http://dlcables.com


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