EP recording session…

VADERMANIAX! Here are some words about last VADER session in Hertz Studios by Peter.

“We arrived to Hertz Studio in Bialystok (East Poland) on Monday 14th afternoon. Setting up the whole drum kit took the rest of day and next morning. Jimmy started recording with “Litany” and “Steeler” and both were done by the evening. Three new songs were the task for Wednesday (January 15th). Around 6 pm we were yet after listening over all drum tracks. James did great work with many challenging themes , which You can hear on this EP. I started working with guitars just next morning and – same like Jimmy – I started with Priest cover and “Litany” and I made all guitars and base lines till end of  work hours. That was the last day of  the first part of THY MESSENGER session. We had a festival show in Germany on January 19th so I traveled there straight  from studio.

The second (and last) session started on Monday February 4th. In next two days I finished all guitars/bases and -of course – vocals to GRAND DECEIVER, EMPTINESS and DESPAIR , also recorded earlier LITANY (in two versions) and STEELER. We left whole work with lead parts for the end. Spider sent us His lead parts by mail. That’s the way of work, that He prefers. He’s got more time to focus on songs in His own home studio in Wroclaw. All in all . the whole recording part was done by the end of Tuesday (February 5th).  I had my travel tickets to Birmingham already in my hands and had to leave the studio at 9 am…. However I decided to change some lines in one text , also a part of one lead. I had 30 minutes to do it right before departure . And I did… 😉 ”

VADER was using for this recording:

  • James: TAMA drums, MEINL cymbals
  • Peter: Gibson Flying V and RAN InVader guitars; Warwick bass
  • Spider: Jackson guitars

Below You can see some shots (by Hertz Studio) taken during the session. Enjoy and … come back! \m/

Link to the studio site: https://www.facebook.com/hertzrecording/

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