Hard steel from the past…

„Next song on  „Iron Times” EP is not quite a cover. I wrote it for the band PanzerX 10 years ago. This Heavy Metal project was pretty successful combination of musicians from different Metal generations and besides me They were: Grzegorz Kupczyk (Turbo, Ceti), Spider and Witek Kiełtyka (Decapitated), who died in accident in 2007. We have recorded a bunch of songs in Olsztyn, which were released then by MMP as „Steel Fist” mini album. The whole studio session was engineered by our Friend Szymon Czech (who died in 2012). VADER version is heavier and I wrote new text…in Polish (that’s why the title is now „Stal i Piesc”). This very typical battle song tells about „clash of steel titans” times and fulfills „Iron Times” perfectly. „


There is a link to original „Steel Fist” from 2006 below:


Also a picture from recording session in Olsztyn (from left: Witek, Peter and Szymon)

panzer x sesja

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