Tribute to the Hero…

“Lemmy left us forever at the end of 2015. Motörhead ceased to exist in the same day…. This is so sad. That was one of the first extreme Metal band , I ever listened to and “Ace of Spades” my very favorite album for years. VADER made a lot of classic covers in the past but never Motörhead. It’s about the time to do it now! I choose “Overkill”. I love this tune and it does fit perfect to the EP. called “Iron Times” and the concept. And Joe Petagno created the cover, of course 😉 Our cover sounds different. There are two guitars and bass in VADER and we were not going to copy the unique Motör-sound. However , we remind great song of even greater band of the greatest man ever: Mr. Lemmy Kilmister! My hero \m/” 


Here You’ll find original “Overkill” played live by Motörhead themselves:


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