New VADER album is COMING !!!

“The session in Hertz Studios started as a matter of fact few days before, in the city of Olsztyn – the place , where VADER started their career back in 1983. This beautiful place experienced also first recordings of the band (in 1985). This time me and James were visiting our Friends from INSIDIUS in Their awesome and professional rehearsal room. We were jamming and playing over songs before the session in Bialystok. That was not , of course , any final composing or something. It was more like “testing the imperial blast” or just tuning together. We did it before right before recording “Tibi et Igni” and it worked well. Good drums are a pillar of a good album. Good atmosphere and motivation are better then best physical exercises indeed.

In Sunday  evening (April 24.) we were already in Hertz Studio in Bialystok, ready to start “The Empire” next morning….” 


Visit beautiful OLSZTYN !!!

Check our Friends from INSIDIUS:


olsztyn zamek

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