2019….How was it for VADER?

2019 was really busy for us. VADER played a bit less shows then usually , however we visited studio TWICE in a year and have recorded two new albums (plus one single released locally in Poland).  In year 2019 we visited 23 countries, from which three for the first time. These were: United Arab Emirates , Kirgistan and Armenia.  We played 19 festivals and 4 tours.

THANK YOU for all those great moments, which we have spent together !  THANKS for YOUR  support and loyalty ! THANKS for  2019 and all those 36 years in Metal and for Metal  \m/ THANK YOU ALL our Friends and Fans !!!

photos: Kasia Bujas, Henryk Michaluk, Adam Sieklicki

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Madness over America !!!

“VADERMANIAX in North America! I am so excited to inform you all about our come back to USA and Canada after almost three years. 2020 is very special for VADER and that’s why we are so proud to start on your continent. In cooperation with Continental Concerts, Massive Music and Nuclear Blast, we will visit 23 cities in February and we will indeed bring madness for you. Three albums have anniversaries and we’ll focus on those: De Profundis – 25 years; Litany – 20 years and The Art of War – 15 years. We will definitely play some tunes from our last record Thy Messenger and something real fresh from VADER’s upcoming album. ARE YOU READY?”  – Peter (Vader)

This time we tour with Abysmal Down and Hideous Divinity.

And here is a link to Nuclear Blast announcement: https://mailchi.mp/nuclearblastusa/opvpqpe0gh-2973861

04.02.2020 – CA San Diego / Brick by Brick

05.02.2020 – AZ Mesa / Club Red

06.02.2020 – TX El Paso / Rockhouse 

07.02.2020 – TX Austin / Come and take it!

08.02.2020 – TX Dallas / Gas Monkey 

09.02.2020 – TX Houston / Warehouse Live Studio

11.02.2020 – FL Orlando / The Haven

12.02.2020 – NC Fayetteville / The Drunk Horse Pub

13.02.2020 – PA Philadelphia / Milkboy

14.02.2020 – NY Brooklyn / The Warsaw

15.02.2020 – NH Manchester / Jewel Nightclub

16.02.2020 – QC Quebec City / Le D’Auteuil

17.02.2020 – QC Montreal / Foufounes Electriques

18.02.2020 – ON Toronto / Velvet Underground

19.02.2020 – MI Detroit / Sanctuary

20.02.2020 – Il Chicago / Reggies

21.02.2020 – MN Minneapolis / Skyway Theatre

22.02.2020 – MO Kansas City / The Riot Room

23.02.2020 – CO Denver / Marquis Theatre

25.02.2020 – WA Seattle / Club Sur

26.02.2020 – OR Portland / Bossanova Ballroom

27.02.2020 – CA Oakland / Metro Opera House

28.02.2020 – CA Los Angeles / 1720


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Anniversary year for VADER starts LOUD in Spring 2020 \m/

VADERMANIAX !!! 2020 is really an incredible year for Vader. So many anniversaries in almost 40 year long history of the band. In 1990 2nd demo “Morbid Reich” was released. This material , recorded in couple of days in poor equipped Radio Olsztyn studio – opened the gates for young group and start a journey , which continues to this day. In 1995  the 2nd album “De Profundis” was recorded in Modern Sound Studio in  Gdynia. This record is one of most favorite among Fans worldwide along with… “Litany” Vader’s 4th album released in 2000! This one was recorded in Red Studio. In 2005 another fave record was released in Hertz Studios in Poland: mini album “The Art of War”! And finally … in Spring 2020 NEW VADER ALBUM will be released by Nuclear Blast! We’ll come back to fresh release really soon but NOW, we’d like to introduce a SPECIAL TOURNEE , prepared with cooperation with Massive Music for early 2020, where we will focus on mentioned above titles. We called that one: ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 !!! How about THAT :

07.03.2020 GER – Osnabruck / Bastard
08.03.2020 BEL – Arlon / l’Entrepôt
09.03.2020 UK – London / Underworld
10.03.2020 HOL – Rotterdam / Baroeg
11.03.2020 BEL – Lokeren / Sport & Jeugdcomplex
12.03.2020 HOL – Amersfoort / Fluor033
13.03.2020 GER- Leipzig / Stadtbad
14.03.2020 GER – Marsberg / Metal Diver Festival
15.03.2020 GER – Mannheim / MS Connexion Complex
16.03.2020 CH – Martigny / Sunset
17.03.2020 CH – Martigny / Sunset
18.03.2020 ITA – Milano / Slaughter House
19.03.2020 ITA – San Dova di Piave / Revolver
20.03.2020 CRO – Zagrzeb / Mochvara
21.03.2020 A – Wien / Viper Room
22.03.2020 SK – Kosice / Colloseum

Are You ready for 90 minutes long slaughter?


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Summer is over! What about the plans for the Autumn 2019?

VADERMANIAX!!! Here is a bunch of informations about the upcoming tours and shows. In just few days we start 17-dates tour “Message to the North” (with our Friends from HATE and THY DISEASE ) in Baltic Countries , Scandinavia plus two shows in East part of Germany.

Right after that we play four big shows in Poland (with  KAT, ACID DRINKERS and QUO VADIS) named “Legends of Metal”. All bands taking part in this project were very significant in creation of polish Metal scene in late 80’s and early 90’s.

In October we head back to the East visiting Ukraine , Moldova , Georgia or Turkey with “The Messenger Arises” tour. In some of the countries  – like Kazakhstan, Armenia or Kyrgyzstan – we will play for the first time ever. We will end this trip with three shows in Austria and Germany.

In November 1st we fly to Sweden to play VADERs very last festival in 2019 at “Metal Fest” in Jönköping with TRIBULATION, CANCER and more…



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“Thy Messenger” IS OUT NOW !!! And for YOU “Steeler” as NEW lyric video \m/

“Thy Messenger” EP is out NOW !!! And we have new lyric video for You to celebrate it. Here is “Steeler” – our version of famous track from legendary “British Steel” album of JUDAS PRIEST.  The new VADER EP is released by Nuclear Blast world wide and available as MCD and 12″ vinyl (in Black and exclusive Red edition ). Enjoy and… be back in Sunday. We have really breaking news for You all \m/


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What’s happening in Stowmarket?

Oh, yes! Hard work in Grindstone Studio continues. This time Spider is tracking His new , blasphemous riffs. The new Vader album is closer and closer… The title of the album is still not yet confirmed. „..And then there was only Pain” is a title mentioned by Peter as „working name”. However we may reveal a few new songs titles, which are: SANCTIFICATION DENIED, VOICES IN MY HEAD or DECLARATION OF HATRED. 

„The upcoming album  will be absolutely the most ferocious and brutal in Vader history” – Peter said. „We put  much attention on drums and vocal, which were never as vicious before. If You already listened GRAND DECEIVER  from our new EP – then You know, what is coming up”.  

Below You will find some pictures from Spiders recent visit in Grindstone Studio.

Spider uses:

Jackson guitars: https://www.jacksonguitars.com/artists/marek-spider-pajak-bio

EVH amps: http://www.evhgear.com

NoLogo picks: http://nologopicks.pl

Ernie Ball strings: https://www.ernieball.com/guitar-strings/electric-guitar-strings,


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GRAND DECEIVER…is coming \m/

Premiere of  VADERs new song GRAND DECEIVER from the upcoming EP “Thy Messenger”  TOMORROW ! You will also see new lyric-video clip created by Chriss Huszar and Nuclear Blast and a handful of new information from Grindstone Studio in Suffolk…

„We are so excited to give You new Vader song from our fresh record ! „GRAND DECEIVER” is the opening track on „Thy Messenger” EP and perfect explanation of what You all may expect with the upcoming releases. Sharp as razor and brutal as Hell track is just an appetizer before the new Vader album to come . Chriss and Nuclear Blast released this brilliant lyric-video clip , which You can watch while waiting for „Thy Messenger”. Sit comfortably, play it LOUD and…ENJOY !!!”


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A message from the grindery Pt.1

“We arrived to the beautiful Brockford Railway Siding late Sunday evening on April 7th, after James  picked me up in Heathrow Terminal and drove to Suffolk for next three hours. Our really old school “Carriage 1” was ready to be our home for the next week. Soon after James’s Father joined us with another car filled literally up to the roof with drums and hardware. We were ready for next morning….but first for a proper sleep tho. On Monday morning we drove to “GRINDSTONE” studio situated about one klick from our “Station”. There we met Scott Attkins – the producer of new upcoming Vader album! Scott was working with many Metal oriented bands already (e.g  Cradle of Filth, Sylosis , Gama Bomb, Amon Amarth or…Divine Chaos). Studio has pretty chamber character and “home feeling”. Reminds me a bit Sunlight Studio ,  where we were recording “The Ultimate Incantation”  27 years ago. The whole day One was setting up drum kit , microphones , skins and checking all channels or calibrating “the death machine”. There was also time to chat with Scott and plan work for next days to come.  Really boring but so important day indeed. James has ambitious plan to record tracks for  three songs each day. Hm…What can I say?  He’s a Beast indeed 😉 ”

Peter (Brockford Station; Carriage One; April 2019)

Here is a link to the Grindstone Studio site: https://www.grindstonerecording.com/#home-section

James uses to record new album: TAMA drums: https://www.tama.com/eu/ , MEINL Cymbals: https://meinlcymbals.com , Los Cabos drumsticks: https://www.loscabosdrumsticks.com and DL cables: http://dlcables.com


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THY MESSENGER – final news

VADERMANIACS!!! Here are bunch of final info about releasing of VADER new EP “Thy Messenger” .

The record will be released as 12″ vinyl and CD world wide by NUCLEAR BLAST on May 31st. We also decided to have all five recorded songs on it. The list is then:


Good news for all those, who are waiting for Vader new online store!  We are working hard to open it in May and we plan many nice surprises for the opening day, of course. Here is the new Vader-store logo. More info, address etc. soon…. Just keep following us on vadernews.pl \m/

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EP recording session…

VADERMANIAX! Here are some words about last VADER session in Hertz Studios by Peter.

“We arrived to Hertz Studio in Bialystok (East Poland) on Monday 14th afternoon. Setting up the whole drum kit took the rest of day and next morning. Jimmy started recording with “Litany” and “Steeler” and both were done by the evening. Three new songs were the task for Wednesday (January 15th). Around 6 pm we were yet after listening over all drum tracks. James did great work with many challenging themes , which You can hear on this EP. I started working with guitars just next morning and – same like Jimmy – I started with Priest cover and “Litany” and I made all guitars and base lines till end of  work hours. That was the last day of  the first part of THY MESSENGER session. We had a festival show in Germany on January 19th so I traveled there straight  from studio.

The second (and last) session started on Monday February 4th. In next two days I finished all guitars/bases and -of course – vocals to GRAND DECEIVER, EMPTINESS and DESPAIR , also recorded earlier LITANY (in two versions) and STEELER. We left whole work with lead parts for the end. Spider sent us His lead parts by mail. That’s the way of work, that He prefers. He’s got more time to focus on songs in His own home studio in Wroclaw. All in all . the whole recording part was done by the end of Tuesday (February 5th).  I had my travel tickets to Birmingham already in my hands and had to leave the studio at 9 am…. However I decided to change some lines in one text , also a part of one lead. I had 30 minutes to do it right before departure . And I did… 😉 ”

VADER was using for this recording:

  • James: TAMA drums, MEINL cymbals
  • Peter: Gibson Flying V and RAN InVader guitars; Warwick bass
  • Spider: Jackson guitars

Below You can see some shots (by Hertz Studio) taken during the session. Enjoy and … come back! \m/

Link to the studio site: https://www.facebook.com/hertzrecording/

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