WELCOME in 2017 \m/ \m/

Vadermaniax!!! There is new year 2017…and we have so many new plans for this year! We’re gonna start new season with brutal tour with our Friends from IMMOLATION organized again by Massive Music in April. This is 2nd part of The Empire Europe tour, where we focus on VADERs last album „The Empire” released by Nuclear Blast in November. However , we modified set list, so anybody may expect surprises. Just after that – in May, we will hit Scandinavia and Baltic Countries with very special guests…More details next week. In last days of May VADER fly to USA to take part on famous Maryland Death Fest !!! And we’ll prepare very special set for that evening. Festival will be also the beginning of the whole tour in USA. YES !!! VADER comes back to USA and  – for the first time – to Puerto Rico! This is just the beginning… We plan so many more in 2017 \m/ Are You ready?! vader 2017tour USA 2017

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JOIN “The Empire” !!!

Today is the day !!! VADERs new album “The Empire” is just released by Nuclear Blast world wide \m/ Today we start also 1st part of promo tour “RISE of the Empire: Europe 2016” !!! You will find all dates below.


There is also 2nd track-by-track video released. You can watch it HERE:


Here You can see also last pictures of the band (by Monika Wawrzyniak Photography). ENJOY !!!

vader1 vader2

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RISE of The Empire !!!

The clock is ticking… We are counting days till November 4th. To make You all even more hungry, we have a pleasure to show You „Angels of Steel” – the opening track for the new VADER album „The Empire”. ENJOY \m/

Angels of Steel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyq7og1Jnzs

We want also to remind our tour , which starts in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany) on the same day, when album is gonna be released.


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VADER will strike again…soon !!!

VADERMANIAX !!! Just 17 days are left till the first tour in Europe promoting our new album “THE EMPIRE” kicks off. We will visit 16 cities in Western Europe (together with HATE ETERNAL , THREAD SIGNAL , LORDS OF WAR and APOPHYSIS) and then continue at 12 places in Poland (with INFERNAL WAR and INSIDIUS) . We start on Friday November ,4th in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany . The new album is gonna be released by NUCLEAR BLAST on the same day !!!

You can find links to a couple of new songs from the album below:

PARABELLUM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmNgG3fqQaw&list=PLB4brr7vf-P5KZhso50Xwrbg4f20g4gJJ&index=1

PRAYER TO THE GOD OF WAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7evx_AQy0jI

There is also a reminder about all dates for the upcoming tour in November / December:

04.11.2016  (D) – Bad Oeynhausen / Druckerei

05.11.2016  (D) – Andernach / JUZ Live Club

06.11.2016 (B) – Arlen / L’Entrepot

07.11.2016  (D) – Jena / F- Haus

08.11.2016  (D) – Weinheim / Café central

09.11.2016 (CH) – Zurich / Dynamo

10.11.2016 (F) – Puget / Le Rat’s

11.11.2016 (I) – Brescia / Circolo Colony

12.11.2016 (D) – Munich / Backstage

13.11.2016 (Hol) – Rotterdam / Baroeg

14.11.2016 (UK) – London / The Dome

16.11.2016 (D) –  Bremen / Tivoli

17.11.2016 (Hol) – Haarlem / Patronaat

18.11.2016 (D) – Berlin / Nuke

19.11.2016 (D) – Essen / Turock

20.11.2016 (D) – Rostock  / Alte Zuckerfabrik


22.11.2016 – Poznań / Blue Note

23.11.2016 – Toruń / Od Nova

24.11.2016 – Zabrze / Wiatrak

25.11.2016 – Wrocław / Alibi

26.11.2016 – Katowice / Mega Club

27.11.2016 – Rzeszów / Life House

29.11.2016 – Kraków / Kwadrat

30.11.2016 – Białystok / Zmiana Klimatu

01.12.2016 – Lublin / Graffiti

02.12.2016 – Warszawa / Progresja

03.12.2016 – Gdańsk / B90

04.12.2016 – Olsztyn / Andergrant

Here are some photos from our last tour in Russia (by Vyacheslav Shatrovoy and Aleksandr Cheremishin):

peter-petersburgjames-petersburgspider-russia halik-live

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„The Empire” starts TODAY !!!

Here You can read fresh news from Nuclear Blast store:

Today we release the digital double single “Prayer to the God of War” and “Parabellum” as instant tracks. Pre-Order “The Empire” now and get both Songs directly as a download: http://nblast.de/VaderDownloads

Pre-Order the CD and Vinyl-Editions here: http://nblast.de/VaderTheEmpireNB

The lyric video of the track “Prayer To The God Of War” has been released via YouTube.
Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7evx_AQy0jI

1000x1000-2 1000x1000-3 1000x1000

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In a week VADER starts another ravage in the East. These will be the first concerts with exclusive premiere songs from the forthcoming album “The Empire” (world premiere – November 4 via NUCLEAR BLAST). Our brothers from Russia will be the first to witness it! The songs from the freshest EP “Iron Times” will be also performed live at these shows.

TRANSSIBERIAN BLITZ TOUR 2016 – (Eastern Leg) will include 10 gigs and will reach the most distant places in Russia, where VADER has never appeared before.

09.09.16 RUS SAINT-PETERSBURG / “Opera”
10.09.16 RUS KAZAN / “Mayakovsky”
11.09.16 RUS MOSCOW / “Brooklyn”
12.09.16 RUS SAMARA / “Zvezda”
13.09.16 RUS YEKATERINBURG / “Nirvana Concert Hall”
14.09.16 RUS NOVOSIBIRSK / “R-club”
15.09.16 RUS KRASNOYARSK / “Era”
16.09.16 RUS IRKUTSK / “Rock’n’Roll Pub”
17.09.16 RUS KHABAROVSK / “Velicano”
18.09.16 RUS VLADIVOSTOK / “SanRemo Hall”

See you there!!!

Link to official trailer below:


merch rosja Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2016_Eastern leg_Poster -kopia

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THE EMPIRE !!!… with full Force \m/

“Here is the cover art for “The Empire” created by Joe Petagno himself !!! The whole design includes many details connected to the main theme influencing me before and during the process of recording: war and the “cold crisis” around us today… There are also links to couple of famous movie series, which influence the generations and erupt with violence, hate and “imperial tendencies”… Is this just a fantasy or maybe a sign of the 21st century generation ?  You have to answer that in Your own… and the future will show us , how real that feeling is? Enjoy “The Empire”  and …. join us on tour soon”


You will find all the titles from “The Empire” below too:

•Angels of Steel


•Prayer to the God of War (album edition)

•Iron Reign

•No Gravity


•The Army-Geddon

•Feel My Pain

•Parabellum (album edition)

•Send Me Back to Hell

cover promo

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Face of the Empire….

Tomorrow we will finally show You the cover art and complete song list of the new VADER album “The Empire”… Curious?

Tomorrow we also play the last show in Summer Season 2016. MEET us in Torcy (by Paris, France) on “The Fall of Summer Festival” at 18:50 \m/ \m/

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The Iron Reign has just began…

VADER has finally released the appetizer before “The Empire” album last week!!! The “Iron Times” is available in all formats in Nuclear Blast store and the band also started to play new tunes alive. Nice stock of brand new designs is planed for September as well. Today we have a pleasure to present new lyrics-video for song “Prayer to the God of War”! Both new trax from the EP plus a couple of songs from the upcoming album will be also a part of set list on “Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2016” starting on September 9th in St.Petersburg in Russia. Besides Russia the tour will include shows in China, Japan and Thailand. ALL ARE WELCOME \m/

Here is a link to “Prayer to the God of War” lyric-video:


You can also watch this tune as first live performance last week on festival in Poland:


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“IRON TIMES” … will reign TOMORROW !!!!

Tomorrow, on Friday August 12., long awaited new VADER record will be released !!! “Iron Times” EP including 2 new tracks + 2 bonus cover songs will be available via NUCLEAR BLAST in all formats: LP , CD , CASS and online in iTunes Store. New songs are on set list for the upcoming shows on SummerBreeze Fest (17.08) , Cieszanow Rock Fest (19.08) and Muszla Fest (20.08). New designed guitar pics are also made for this occasion in cooperation with NoLogo pics.

Links to Nuclear Blast store below:



Link to NoLogo pics:


Iron cover pics1 pics2

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