Face of the Empire….

Tomorrow we will finally show You the cover art and complete song list of the new VADER album “The Empire”… Curious?

Tomorrow we also play the last show in Summer Season 2016. MEET us in Torcy (by Paris, France) on “The Fall of Summer Festival” at 18:50 \m/ \m/

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The Iron Reign has just began…

VADER has finally released the appetizer before “The Empire” album last week!!! The “Iron Times” is available in all formats in Nuclear Blast store and the band also started to play new tunes alive. Nice stock of brand new designs is planed for September as well. Today we have a pleasure to present new lyrics-video for song “Prayer to the God of War”! Both new trax from the EP plus a couple of songs from the upcoming album will be also a part of set list on “Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2016” starting on September 9th in St.Petersburg in Russia. Besides Russia the tour will include shows in China, Japan and Thailand. ALL ARE WELCOME \m/

Here is a link to “Prayer to the God of War” lyric-video:


You can also watch this tune as first live performance last week on festival in Poland:


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“IRON TIMES” … will reign TOMORROW !!!!

Tomorrow, on Friday August 12., long awaited new VADER record will be released !!! “Iron Times” EP including 2 new tracks + 2 bonus cover songs will be available via NUCLEAR BLAST in all formats: LP , CD , CASS and online in iTunes Store. New songs are on set list for the upcoming shows on SummerBreeze Fest (17.08) , Cieszanow Rock Fest (19.08) and Muszla Fest (20.08). New designed guitar pics are also made for this occasion in cooperation with NoLogo pics.

Links to Nuclear Blast store below:



Link to NoLogo pics:


Iron cover pics1 pics2

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Japan , China , Taiwan…WE ARE COMING !!!

Right after TRANSSYBERIAN TOUR in Russia in September  2016 VADER will visit cities of Japan, China and Taiwan. Songs from the new record „The Empire” will be performed also, before the premiere of the album in November !!!

Tour dates below:

20.09 – Beijing ( CHINA ) / “Yu Gong Yi Shan”

22.09 – Hong Kong ( CHINA ) / “Hidden Agenda”

23.09 – Taipei ( TAIWAN ) / “The Wall”

24.09 – Osaka ( JAPAN ) / “Shinsaibashi Paradigm”

26.09 – Tokyo ( JAPAN ) / “Harajuku Astro Hall”

RISE OF THE EMPIRE _ASIA 2016_Poster_Dates

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Finally we can proudly inform You about cities, which VADER will visit in the upcoming 2nd part of TRANSSIBERIAN BLITZ TOUR 2016 (Eastern leg )!!!

We’ll start in „Opera” in St.Petersburg on September 9th. and will continue to the East for next nine shows. Final concert on tour will be in Vladivostok on September 18th.

09.09.16 RUS ST.-PETERSBURG / “Opera”

10.09.16 RUS KAZAN / “Mayakovsky”

11.09.16 RUS MOSCOW / “Brooklyn”

12.09.16 RUS SAMARA / “Zvezda”

13.09.16 RUS YEKATERINBURG / “Nirvana Concert Hall”

14.09.16 RUS NOVOSIBIRSK / “R-club”

15.09.16 RUS KRASNOYARSK / “Era”

16.09.16 RUS IRKUTSK / “Rock’n’Roll Pub”

17.09.16 RUS KHABAROVSK / “Velicano”

18.09.16 RUS VLADIVOSTOK / “SanRemo Hall”Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2016_Eastern leg_Poster -kopia

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As we informed before – EP. „Iron Times” will be released worldwide in August 12th 2016. This is an appetizer before the full length „The Empire” and includes two new songs and two bonus tracks. Below You may see the project sketch made be the author of this brilliant cover – Joe Petagno. This is how the idea was developing…

You may PREORDER „Iron Reign” here: http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/shop/artikel/gruppen/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=vader+iron+times

or here: http://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/shop/item/groups/51000.1.html?article_group_sort_type_handle=rank&custom_keywords=vader%20iron%20times


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BLAST from India \m/

VADER has played on BANGALORE OA Festival last Saturday. It was very first band’s appearance in India and KILLER MADNESS indeed !!! There are few links connected to that event below:

Live shots by Mohit.Musicphotography


Private recorded “Go To Hell”


Interview for Metal Wani recorded few hours before VADER show



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New sound, new age? …

VADER continues work in Hertz studios. All guitars for “The Empire” are almost done!

“I am so excited with the whole work! New VADER sounds so much more aggressive and intense. I just can’t wait to show the album for our Fans and play them on stage live! It is really hard to compare the new records to any particular VADER album created in the past. There are definitely some “classic” elements in the songs but as a whole “The Empire” sounds more variously, tho’ still very, very brutal.  The new VADER deals a lot about war and violence so are the titles: “Tempest”, “Iron Reign”, “Angels of Steel” or “Genosidius”.”


This time Peter was using His classical RAN “InVader” guitars and also old model Gibson Flying V. The amps were Mesa / Boogie Dual Recto (build 1993) , Marshall Plexi (from 70’s) , Randall WARHEAD (whatta name!!!) and EVH 50W.

Below a link to RAN Guitars and Hertz Studio sites:



hertz6 hertz3 hertz2

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Summer offensive….


With a show on HellFest in city of Clisson in France VADER started the Summer festivals season. Last week we also visited beautiful Balafon lake area in Hungary on Rock Part fest and Rock Noc in city of Wagrowiec. THANK YOU ALL for that awesome atmosphere and support \m/ Our next shows are:

  • 01.07.2016 Roitzschiora (Germany) / With Full Force Fest
  • 09.07.2016   Bengaluru (India) / Bengalore Fest
  • 15.07.2016    Trutnov (Czech Rep) / Obscene Extreme
  • 16.07.2016    Gävle (Sweden) / Geffle Metal Fest

Below You can see some photos from Hellfest (by Krzysiek Wakor and La Fée Verte Photographie) and Rock Noc (by „Wągrowiec wyzwala energię”)

.rocknoc3 rocknoc2 rocknoc1 rocknoc hellfest7 hellfest6 hellfest2 hellfest hellfest3

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Guitar tempest…

Spider was working with His new songs in the studio. You will find few words about them right here:

„My first song („Tempest”) was pretty much inspired by so called „old school Death Metal”. This composition develops and turned in middle from classic riff to more modern , „broken” beat. Such kinda adventure from old school to the present. The main riff in next song was inspired by James, when He was playing one of His new drum patterns. We were jamming with that one on couple of  sound checks so we created the backbone for „The Last Crusade”. Jimmy has sent me some midi with grooves and I added guitars. „Hexenkessel” from our last album was made in the same way, so I can say, that this is our next song made in team. This is very special tune in pretty modern rhythmic.”

Spider was playing JACKSON Guitars in the studio.  There is link to the producer below:


ompajak1 pajak2

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