Hard times demand Hard Music….

„What more about „IRON TIMES” and general inspiration for the upcoming new VADER album? It is obvious , that „The Empire” is not just another Star Wars movie inspiration (tho’ it is a touch of the general subject , if I can say so ;)). It is more about kinda feeling today. The feeling, that „there is something in the air”, if You know , what I mean. The whole world get a bit crazy and the escalation of hatred is so much visible. Similar situation is known in history of 20th century. Not so long time ago… Strain, insecurity, doubts. Civilians work on their body form, condition much more intense. More people learn , how to shoot (yet still on shooting-range). Does it herald something? Hard to say…. The other historical event is 100 years anniversary of The Great War, known as World War One. The first appearance of tanks in masses(even the name „tank” came from those times) , first armor battle was in 1916. That was Iron Time indeed. 

You can see also next piece of the puzzle: the „Iron Times” EP cover created by JOE PETAGNO.”


Here is a link to the site about first tank battle in 1916: http://tanks.net/tank-history/first-tanks-in-battle.html


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